Catchbox Is Proof that Simplicity (and Creativity) Matters

catchbox-0616There’s no mic that’s simpler than the Catchbox – literally a crowd-microphone that is housed in a custom box that you throw around a room to allow attendees to actively participate in a meeting by asking questions (and mic’ing them so the rest of the room can hear them. The mic quality is decent, but the concept is PERFECT! Make a mic that’s a novelty in a meeting – you can throw it, it automatically turns itself on and off at the right moments and make it customizable for the client. Check it out here.

Catchbox was a hit with InfoComm attendees in every meeting I attended, participated in and with attendees walking around the show floor — but mic powerhouses Sennheiser and Shure weren’t impressed. But rental companies will eat this up!

Really? Was it really popular? Well, Catchbox created the world’s first throwable wireless microphone and provided 12 of its throwable devices at InfoComm 2016. And InfoComm themselves loved it:

Chuck Espinoza, InfoComm Staff Instructor and Certified Technology Specialist in Design and Installation, CTS-D & CTS-I, commented: “I would say we had 10 to 15 times more student engagement than last year when we weren’t using Catchbox for our educational sessions. The fact that I could look to a student who was hesitant to participate, and throw the mic to them made a huge difference. They could answer, and throw it to the next person in line. It was no longer an interaction between just me and one attendee – it wasn’t ping pong any more, it was volleyball.”

The unique Catchbox device, created in Finland by entrepreneurs, Timo Kauppila, Pyry Taanila and Mikelis Studers in 2012, already has thousands of people talking with its ability to give a voice to audiences of all sizes. The company has recently expanded its EU and North America operation to Australia and New Zealand in response to demand from event organizers in the region.

You can find them at.