Catchbox Finally Launches 4-Channel Microphone System

Catchbox Finally Launches 4 Channel Microphone System

Catchbox is expanding the Plus wireless microphone system to 4 microphone channels, introducing new additions to the product family: Stick handheld mic alongside improved Cube throwable mic and Clip wearable mic. The company says 4-channel Catchbox Plus system was designed for whole-room audio capture for voice lift, hybrid conferencing and recordings, as well as captioning in universities, corporate meetings and events.

Besides introducing new hardware (Stick, Dual dock) and 3rd party integrations (Utelogy, Q-SYS), Catchbox says the new Catchbox Plus system integrates a smart Speech Intelligibility Engine (SIE) for noise-free speech-to-audio experience in lectures and meetings. The integrated SIE delivers audio experience, minimizing the build-up of background noise and improving gain for participant audio, local voice captions, lift and playback recordings.

With features like USB connectivity, integrated auto mixer and built-in speakerphone mode, the company says Catchbox Plus delivers a professional audio experience without introducing complexity in the product configuration and setup process. The built-in Dante audio-over-IP functionality, PoE and remote monitoring capabilities enable integration into networked AV infrastructures.