Cast Your Vote for the CEDIA Board of Directors

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votenow-1012This month CEDIA will wrap up elections for the CEDIA Board of Directors. There are five open positions on the Board of Directors for the 2013-2014 term.

This year CEDIA refined the nomination process, asking for candidates that not only embrace CEDIA’s mission but possess some of the key skills and experience necessary to help fulfill the ambitious initiatives of the new CEDIA strategic plan. Six nominees are running this year, full biographical information can be found at or you can learn a little bit more about each of the nominees who are seeking your vote below.

Federico Bausone
Multisistemas BVC Sa de Cv
San Pedro Garza Garcia

What is your vision for CEDIA to ensure that it remains relevant and prominent in how it serves this fast-paced industry?

“CEDIA has to re-define the benefits it brings to its members in the industry and then work on making them absolute best in class. Be it education or building communication bridges amongst members or bringing members jobs through its portal. We have an incredible opportunity to grow the industry.”

Bob Brown
Home Entertainment Design South, Inc. dba: HED South, Inc.
Hollywood, FL

What goals would you expect the board to prioritize in the upcoming years?

“Make each member a better, more professional business person as opposed to a better installer or technology expert, both of which are important. But survival in this new economy and with the pace of technology is going to be based more and more on fundamental business skills.”

Henry Clifford
Livewire, LLC
Richmond, VA

How do you see the industry evolving over the next 5 to 10 years?

“The high end will continue to grow with the phenomenon of “good enough” satisfying the middle and lower segments. Commoditization will occur in the latter two segments.”

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Dennis Erskine
Erskine Group Inc.
Atlanta, GA

What is your vision for CEDIA to ensure that it remains relevant and prominent in how it serves this fast-paced industry?

“CEDIA must be the “go to” resource for dealers, manufacturers, and consumers with respect to the industry, forecasting changes, answering the “why” questions, and providing guidance to all stakeholders.”

Mark Hodges
Forefront Innovation, Inc.
The Woodlands, TX

How do you see the Industry evolving over the next 5 to 10 years?

“The ESC industry is about to embark on an evolution from a “blue collar” installation business to a “white collar” programming and implementation business. Computer programming, and cloud software deployment & management, will be required to maximize clients’ Digital Lifestyle.”

Bill Skaer
Eric Grundelman, Inc. ~FM~
Mesquite, TX

Briefly describe your current attitudes and opinions about CEDIA.

“I love CEDIA, I bleed CEDIA orange. I have done and will continue to do whatever I can to support the association. I think we are making noises like we are going to spin this thing around and head in the right direction again. I’m not exactly in the “let’s wait and see what happens” camp but I do hope we can continue to make this about the members, the volunteers and our manufacturers and other stake holders. We have made some good progress toward what I think is a return to our reason for being.”

Voting is open for CEDIA member companies at CEDIA member companies can vote for up to five nominees. Voting will close Oct. 22, 2012.