CAST Group Unveils BlackTrax Real-Time Tracking Solutions

cast groupAt ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, the CAST Group of companies unveiled the latest product in their line of BlackTrax Real-Time Tracking solutions. Mounted directly onto a camera, BlackTrax will allow users to place BTSensors in vantage points and areas that best suit the specific environment of any production.

HELIOS is a PoE device that gen-locks and integrates with broadcasting systems to standards worldwide, making it a tracking solution that syncs with BlackTrax environments using the line-of-sight technology BlackTrax is known for. HELIOS automatically creates a five-point rigid body with five LEDs on each corner of the device, plus one in the center. Used in conjunction with lenses from such manufacturers as Fujinon, Canon and more, HELIOS connects directly with lenses to collect and synchronize lens data with tracking data, the resulting streams of which are gen-locked through HELIOS per worldwide standards.

Here’s a video we shot of it at ISE last month:

Folded within a single ecosystem alongside BlackTrax and CONVRG, HELIOS is a complement to any BlackTrax environment or system, significantly simplifying production workflows by removing the need for multiple tracking systems when gathering positional data from several sources.

CAST is here and the entire Backtrax lineup is here.