Casio’s XJ-UT351W, XJ-UT351WN and the New XJ-UT311WN Are TCO Certified

Casio America has announced that three more of its LampFree projectors, including its newest XJ-UT311WN Ultra Short Throw Projector, have been certified according to environmental and social sustainability criteria in TCO Certified. TCO Certified is an international third-party sustainability certification for IT products administered by TCO Development, a non-profit organization based in Sweden.

TCO Certified products meet life cycle criteria for environment, health and safety, ergonomics and socially responsible manufacturing. In order to be TCO Certified, products must undergo rigorous verification of multiple factors in all phases of the product life cycle, including socially responsible manufacturing during the manufacturing phase; safety, product lifetime, and energy efficiency during use; and elimination or reduction of hazardous substances and recycling at the end-of-life phase. TCO Certified Projectors 2.0 criteria also require that products meet criteria for high-quality display image and be equipped with an Eco Mode that consumes less energy and reduces the acoustic noise level. Additionally, the projector and all assemblies and sub-assemblies of the product must not contain mercury or other hazardous substances and the total amount of mercury used in the lamp must be declared.

Casio’s XJ-UT311WN Ultra Short Throw Projector can project images at close range with its built-in 0.28:1 fixed lens.  It comes equipped with a cool-running Laser & LED Hybrid Light Engine that lasts for up to 20,000 hours without ever needing to replace costly lamps or filters and requires minimal maintenance. The XJ-UT311WN produces 3100 lumens of brightness and boasts WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution with a 20,000:1 contrast ratio which is ideal for displaying HD content from video and computer sources and a wireless presentation adaptor is included.

Both the XJ-UT351W and XJ-UT351WN offer an output of up to 3,500 lumens and can generate large images over a very short projection distance with a ratio of 0.28:1. These models feature a 20,000:1 contrast ratio, vertical and horizontal keystone capability, two HDMI ports and a powered USB (DC 5V 2A) port. Thanks to Casio’s Quick Start technology, the projectors are immediately ready to use and reach their full brightness within as little as five seconds. When using the XJ-UT351WN with the optional wireless adaptor, users can use the C-Assist app (available for iOS and Android) to control the projector wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet.

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