CASIO Adds 3K-Lumen Laser/LED Projector to EcoLite Line

casio-ledlaser-1115Casio America announced today that it will expand its EcoLite lineup of LampFree projectors with a new 3000-lumen laser/LED EcoLite XJ-V2.

CASIO says the XJ-V2 will be introduced at a price that is lower than the cost of a conventional mercury lamp projector of an equivalent brightness plus one replacement lamp. Furthermore, the Casio SSI light source — which uses both a laser and a LED — in the XJ-V2 has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, eliminating the need for lamp replacements, and is spec’d to offer electricity consumption that is approximately half that of a mercury lamp projector.

Casio also says they have improved the dust resistance of the XJ-V2 by structuring the internal components into three blocks to shield the optical block from dust. This helps ensure that dust does not lower projection brightness, enabling the XJ-V2 to operate dependably for a long time.

Additionally, the new EcoLite reaches maximum brightness in as fast as five seconds from the time the power is switched on. It can immediately power off with just a touch of the button and then be used again right away when powered back on without the need for a cool-down period. The XJ-V2 can project a 100” image from 10.1 ft to 11.2 ft away using a 1.54 – 1.71 lens.

Detailed specs will be here.