Casio Intros 1.7” Thin LED-Based Projectors

casio-marquee_projector-slim-0614Casio America’s new SLIM projectors, weighing only five pounds and only 1.7 inches thick, feature Casio’s proprietary LASER & LED HYBRID Light Source, which combines a laser, a fluorescent element and LEDs to generate light. Now in its fifth generation, Casio says the improved light source offers a 30 percent increase in light output and 20,000 -our lifespan for the projectors.

Compatible with Crestron Roomview, the SLIM line includes a feature Casio calls Intelligent Brightness Control (maintaining the same brightness over time), wired LAN projection and MobiShow (which is Casio’s wireless presentations system but it’s proprietary and compatible with no other wireless system on the market) and HDMI, VGA and RS232C ports.

There are six models that range from 2,500 to 3,000 lumens and can be ordered as either XGA or WXGA resolution.

Full specs on each of the SLIM projectors is here.