Case Study of the Month: Kinepolis Theatre Chain Adds 350+ dZine DS Displays

Kinepolis lobby 0210

Kinepolis, one of the largest movie theater groups in Kinepolis-lobby-0210Europe, wanted to entertain its customers from the moment they buy their ticket – even before the movie begins.  Kinepolis is known for it’s innovative approach to the theatergoing experience – for example, years before the rest of the industry, they started integrating digital projectors into their theaters, they’ve added 3D capabilities in almost every theater and their programming includes sporting events and social events as well as movies.

The Goal

To stay on the cutting edge of creativity as well as serve the customer with an entertaining experience from the moment they walk in the door.  Kinepolis was looking for an out-of-the-box solution that was easy to handle and could be modified to fit their specific requirements. Kinepolis-seat-map-0210The solution uses the available Kinepolis network, therefore a non-Windows based player solution is preferred because of security restrictions and uptime.

How’d They Do It?

Kinepolis has installed + 360 dZine digital signage displays so far in different European countries. Installations grew gradually from a couple of information displays per site to a full range of displays for multiple purposes. After some testing in the most recent movie theaters, a complete refresh program for existing sites was introduced. Every theater in their chain will be integrated with DS by the end of 2010.
Kinepolis says that each theater is managed by a local Kinepolis-entertainment-displays-0210server, connected to HQ. This server links seat information advertising and database content together with the ticketing system for any specific complex.  In the most recent Kinepolis movie theaters, such as Kinepolis Bruges and Ostend, advanced sensors in the seats notice when a seat is being filled in. Above each movie theater entrance a display shows all the seats in that specific room. The green colored seats are people sitting in the right seat; red colored seats show people sitting in the wrong seat or people who haven’t bought a ticket and white colored marked seats haven’t been sold yet. And, of course, there are plenty of DS displays for advertising and movie preview information as well.

Kinepolis-ticket-booths-0210Digital signage in a cinema environment can be considered as one of the key markets for dZine. In the past, numerous customers abroad chose dZine as the platform for their internal promotional communication.

Within this cinema environment, dZine excels in providing a secure and reliable DS solution with an open mind towards customized integrations with third party back-office software and content databases.