Case Study: LG’s LED Signage ‘On Exhibit’ in a Growing Science Museum


Tellus Museum using LG 2.5mm pixel pitch LED

By: LG Business Solutions 

Some of the most interesting stories in AV are the ones you can visualize. That’s why industry case studies or success stories (or whatever you want to call them) are great. While many case studies often just talk about how audiovisual technology improved a space, the best stories go further; they tackle how AV solved a business need, with the real focus on the human experience. Today, we invite you to explore a fascinating case study of LG’s work with a science museum in Georgia, creating opportunities for the museum that simply weren’t possible before. As you weave your way through the journey, you’ll see how LG’s indoor direct-view LED (dvLED) solutions were put to work to bring a better museum experience for all.

Welcome to the Museum

Welcome to Cartersville, Georgia, home to the Tellus Science Museum. As you enter the museum, you’re welcomed by a new 15 by 8.5 ft., 2.5-mm pixel pitch LED Signage video wall in a beautiful sight, right at the entrance’s center, with a dedicated video wall mounting system from Peerless-AV. The LED Signage video wall by LG is an anchor to the museum entryway, mounted in the Great Hall, ready to welcome all visitors. For many, this will be their first encounter with this magnitude of display. And what a way to start the museum day! Along with 16 flat-panel displays from LG, the LED Signage video wall shows off anything you can imagine. In the case of the Tellus Science Museum, that’s up-to-the-minute earthquake information, promotions on upcoming events, and custom welcome and thank you messages for visitors and benefactors.

Tellus Museum Using LG 2.5mm pixel pitch LED

Four main galleries branch off from the Great Hall, and the museum journey continues. A collection of hands-on exhibits gives visitors an excuse to kick back and have some fun — all in the name of science, of course. A number of museum rooms available for private events (there’s gotta be some space for 20-plus school groups a day, now) also received the special signage-upgrade treatment; the largest of these private rooms, banquet room B, features two 110-inch LG video walls — each including four LG 55-inch narrow-bezel displays with Peerless-AV SmartMount video wall mounts. Important to all the museum’s LG signage deployments, including the 110-inch video walls, is LG’s webOS platform integrated into the displays. The best part about webOS and its embedded content-management system (CMS) platform is that it simplifies the process for museum AV/IT teams. webOS allows for day-of changes to signage content — or, for those of us who like to plan ahead, the ability to schedule it well in advance.

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Quick Lunch Break

LG Displays at Tellus Science Museum ConcessionsAdditional LG commercial displays throughout the museum — like at the reception desk and cafe, with four digital displays in each location — carry visitors through their experience. In the café, digital signage content does more than just show off lunchtime offerings; it brings a bit of fun via animated graphics (think rocket ships flying, a wooly mammoth walking across the screen and a T. rex coming in and out of view). Content and animations are simple for the museum to control on the fly via webOS. Today, new technologies in LED continue to drive attendance and increase relevance for the next generation of museum visitors.

Tellus Ticket Counter Using LG Displays

Thanks for Visiting! See You Next Time!

Tellus Science Museum has a bright future with many creative moments ahead. What started with the addition of LG’s stunning 15×8 ft. LED Signage, two 11-inch video walls and 16 flat panel displays has now transformed into a portal to endless possibilities for a growing science museum in Georgia. Signage upgrades have driven a more engaging, interactive experience for museumgoers. But for the museum, the fun is only just getting started.

View the case study on LG’s work with the Tellus Science Museum. Then check out the full infographic showcasing LG’s growing portfolio of indoor, fine-pitch LED signage — including flat, curvable, all-in-one, cinema and advanced Micro LED designs.

Tellus Museum Entrance_LG