Carousel Digital Signage Adds Integration of MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word for Its Cloud Signage Platform

carousel digital signage cloud

Carousel Digital Signage expands its content creation universe through native integrations so that Carousel Cloud customers can leverage the content they create in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word for distribution throughout their digital signage networks.

In the corporate environment, this workflow model is practical for inward-facing communications featuring important information that employees need throughout the workday. For example, a manufacturing company may benefit from displaying Excel spreadsheets that list production quantities and inventory status on the factory floor. HR departments can now easily deliver PowerPoint presentations designed for employee onboarding sessions to the signage in classrooms and surrounding areas.

Educational institutions also stand to benefit from these integrations. In K-12 schools, morning announcements and lunchtime menus that are created in Microsoft Word can be distributed campus-wide, or in specified zones. In higher education, updates to class schedules or information on special events may also be transmitted in this way.

These benefits extend to the Carousel Daily app, which allows Carousel Cloud customers to push content created in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word to the iPads and iPhones of the viewers they’re targeting. This enables employees to consult company announcements, sales numbers, and project status whether they’re in the office or working remotely, as well as giving students and parents offsite access to school news.

All three integrations feature a cut-and-paste public URL. Carousel Cloud will automatically post changes made in either Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or Word without requiring users to take any additional steps, resulting in an intuitive content creation process for Carousel Cloud customers.