Carousel Digital Signage Is Offering Three Months of Carousel Cloud

caroseldigital covidCarousel Digital Signage is offering a free package to help facilities communicate important messages in waiting areas, walkways and other public-facing spaces during COVID-19.

Carousel Digital Signage is providing a three-month subscription of Carousel Cloud, a SaaS-cloud-based CMS, along with “Frontline Responder” templates to create and deliver emergency messages unique to each facility. Carousel Digital Signage will also provide creative and technical support services, with insight on using existing infrastructure and consumer devices with Carousel Cloud software. That includes leveraging traditional TV screens and Apple TV devices, which Carousel Cloud automatically configures as media players once connected.

Carousel will also provide a specialized training course that focuses on key software features and capabilities, ensuring that that time-constrained service providers can quickly implement digital signage. Training includes an overview of Carousel’s robust alerting capability, which can update all signage displays instantaneously as situations change. Trainees will also learn how to use Carousel software and manage digital signage content from onsite and remote locations.

In addition to hospitals and healthcare facilities, Carousel Digital Signage is offering the package to essential government facilities and businesses, including grocery stores, pharmacies, take-out restaurants and manufacturing businesses with critical supply chains to manage. Organizations and those that work or communicate with them can email for more information. Additional detail, including a signup portal for frontline organizations, can be found here.