Carousel Digital Signage Helps K-12 Schools Upgrade Digital Signage Networks

carousel digital signage k 12

With 2020-21 purchasing cycles quickly approaching, Carousel Digital Signage is launching a new program to help K-12 districts and schools streamline the process of launching or upgrading a digital signage network.

Carousel Digital Signage will offer a new entry-level subscription for K-12 customers, leveraging the Carousel Cloud SaaS platform and, where possible, existing playback devices and displays. Carousel Cloud’s software-defined architecture eliminates the need to install traditional hardware servers — along with their expense and maintenance — in favor of a lightweight, off-premise IT infrastructure.

Deployments are further accelerated by using Apple TV devices or BrightSign media players, both of which offer immediate, proven interoperability with Carousel Digital Signage software. The overall strategy is an ideal representation of Carousel Digital Signage’s low-cost, “shrinkwrap-to-signage” business model.