Canon Europe Releases Plans for ISE 2020

cannon ise2020Canon Europe today announced it will be showcasing a new dimension of its business to visitors at ISE 2020 — the world’s largest AV systems integration show. Visitors to the stand will have the chance to see its advanced imaging ecosystem, which includes Canon’s HDR, 4K and 8K projection capabilities and lineup of input to output solutions, including world-class cameras and lenses. Canon’s network cameras, comprehensive analytics software, and a robotic arm — provided by Denso — will be on stand, demonstrating how visual analytics technology can support automation of various tasks.

At one of the dedicated zones on stand, Canon will showcase its imaging solutions, which work together to streamline workflows, particularly for system integrators.

Canon’s premium video camera range, reference display monitors and projectors, will offer visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a live 4K production simulation. Starring in this demo is the 4K production camera — the XF705, the renowned EOS C200 4K Cinema camera, the compact 4K camcorder — the XA55, and Canon’s latest 4K projector.

Canon’s XEED 4K6021Z with RS-SL07RST 4K lens — which uses the same technology featured in the EF and RF lens ranges — will also be on stand alongside its video range. This combination creates high resolution and true to life images that guarantee systems integrators can get the best from Canon’s 4K technology.

Canon will showcase its HDR imaging ecosystem, with content captured on its cameras and projected by native 4K high-brightness projectors. Through its collaboration with dnp Supernova, Canon will demonstrate color excellence and, again, 4K HDR image quality by projecting onto its ambient light rejecting screen. The dnp Supernova screen delivers contrast, even in high-ambient lighting. It’s these vivid colors and detailed images that make Canon’s LCOS models so popular within the creative sectors, which are increasingly turning to visual storytelling to compete with digital platforms. With the flexibility, quality and low maintenance of projectors, museums and galleries can create more immersive and engaging experiences than ever before to attract wider audiences.

Canon will exhibit an 8K projection solution, in partnership with media server software providers, AV Stumpfl. The AV Stumpfl Pixera Two server will help deliver and manage the 8K content — captured using Canon kit — ensuring Canon’s projectors can focus on delivering 8K image quality.

Canon’s latest development of 8K broadcast lenses include the multi-purpose portable lens 7×10.7B KAS S and Canon’s first box type telephoto 8K lens SP51x15.5B. A decade in the making, Canon’s 8K lenses are set to be used at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Canon has already experimented with 8K for a live-video transmission of a rugby match in Japan. The match was captured with a Canon 8K camera and lens and transmitted to a Canon 8K HDR Display and projector system comprising of four Canon 4K HDR projector units. A similar demonstration will be reconstructed on stand to showcase the optical excellence of its 8K lineup.

More details are here.