Canon Announces Short-Throw, 1.6x Zoom LCD Projectors

Canon announced three new LCD projectors, the LV-7265, LV-7260, and LV-X7, all specified at XGA resolution, 1.6x wide angle zoom and short throw distances.

The top-of-line LV-Series LV-7265 is specified at 2500 ANSI lumens while the LV-7260 has 2000 and the LV-X7, 1500. The LV-7265 and LV-7260 have contrast ratio of 600:1 and the LV-X7, 500:1.

The three projectors have five automatic image modes (Presentation, Video, Cinema, Standard, sRGB) and manual settings for each mode to create custom presets. They have Enhanced Wall Color Correction for projecting on eight different colored surfaces. They also have an automatic power off timer, which allows users to set a specific time of day or them to power down automatically.

Considering the XGA resolution, these are competitively priced: $1,499, $1,199, and $999.

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