Canon Adds New Projectors, Including a 4K

Canon Europe today announced the launch of the 4K5020Z and LX-MH502Z, two 4k resolution installation projectors. The 4K5020Z is specified at 5,000 lumens, uses LCoS technology and has an optional short-throw lens (the RS-SL07RST) designed specifically by Canon for 4K imaging. Both the 4K5020Z and the LX-MH502Z weigh only 9.3 kilograms and because they use SSD lighting (laser diode and yellow phosphor light source), they can be installed in any configuration. The 4K5020Z is equipped with a motorized lens. The 4K5020Z utilizes Canon’s recently launched chassis, incorporating a simple spigot fitting, which is compatible with seven Canon lenses.

The LX-MH502Z isn’t native 4K but uses pixel shift technology to create 4K UHD resolution in 3840×2160. Comparatively, the 4K5020Z produces a native 4096×2160 resolution. Both the 4K5020Z and LX-MH502Z have two HDMI inputs.

The 4K5020Z has a lens shift of +/-73 percent in vertical (or in expanded mode 104 percent) and +/- 11 percent in horizontal creating a huge potential projection area. The LX-MH502Z achieves a wide lens shift of +/- 60 percent vertical and +/-23 percent horizontal, which allows the image to be adjusted with no need to tilt or reposition the projector. Here are the spec.