What Can Make a Digital Canvas?


Now that we have 4K resolution projectors, it means we can “tile” sources (sort of like we have been doing in the video wall market for years) on displays in classrooms and meeting rooms. In other words, imagine a wall projected with not just PowerPoint but with PowerPoint, YouTube, Facebook and your Twitter feed at the same time? Sure, you can use a $10,000 video wall processor to do this, anywhere.

But, thanks to the new DVDO TILE, you can do this for only $1,200.

At InfoComm, the company is debuting updates to this system that make it even better. In 2017, I spent most of the year traveling around the world delivering a presentation focused on encouraging integrators to build rooms with a digital canvas – a more flexible digital display system, rather than just a single-source at one time type of display. I suggested a few different ways to do this. For example, you can use Extron’s ShareLink or Barco’s ClickShare to display multiple pieces of content on a screen simultaneously, you can use a video wall processor to do anything anywhere or you can set up a room with multiple screens and use technologies like Nureva’s SPAN. But, the TILE from DVDO is the perfect, dedicated, purpose-built digital canvas box and it’s just gotten better!

DVDO’s TILE is a universal wireless casting and “digital canvas box” that allows users to simultaneously stream any content from almost any wireless device to one or two displays. Like all wireless BYOD boxes, the DVDO TILE allows users to share, collaborate, view and manage content from multiple users and multiple sources. BUT, the DVDO TILE allows up to five different tiled windows or sources to be displayed simultaneously with overlaying capabilities – not just in a 2×2 wall configuration!

Still don’t understand this concept, go watch this.

So, now you get it?

All this takes is DVDO’s TILE App — available for iOS and Android mobile device as well as Mac and Windows PC systems or from the app stores at iTunes and Google Play. A Moderator mode can help approve and queue the casted content before it is shown on screen, a required feature for public or educational environments.

Key features of the DVDO TILE include:

  • Cast five on-screen tiles (windows) from multiple users and multiple sources
  • Cast up to four 1080p video streams simultaneously
  • Moderator Mode – manage and control content
  • Universal Compatibility – iOS, Android, Mac and Windows environments equally and expertly supported
  • Customize the presentation – reposition, resize and relayer tiles with alpha blending

Check this out.