Campsite Integrates with Signagelive

Campsite has integrated with Signagelive to provide new revenue opportunities for Digital Out-of-Home network owners and operators. This integration means that Signagelive’s clients can now connect to buyers through their access to Campsite’s supply-side platform (SSP). This represents the first full integration of a large-scale CMS with an established buying platform specialising in digital out-of-home media available in Canada .

Launched in 2016, Campsite’s products include an SSP for sellers, an exchange marketplace and a DSP for buyers. With over 8000 digital screens across an array of suppliers and environments already connected, Campsite has the largest selection of DOOH in a single platform in Canada.

Buyers using the DSP can build campaigns using various targeting tools, including mobile audience data. These audience insights are also shared with Signagelive clients, the media sellers, within the Campsite SSP.

By enabling the integration with Campsite, Signagelive can now offer their clients  the option of tapping into a new revenue stream through programmatic sales. The media sellers decide how much advertising time they wish to ‘offer up’ to Campsite and control the type of content they wish to allow to be shown on their displays.

This option is available to all Signagelive clients starting with Canada and will roll out to other markets throughout 2018 and beyond. The first Signagelive client launching with Campsite is IDS Canada who are making their digital poster network in doctor’s office waiting rooms available to Campsite buyers.

Campsite is here and Signagelive is here.