New Multi-Fiber Fiber Optic Cables from Camplex Simplify Connections

camplex-mtp-0715Camplex today announced the availability of two new lines of MTP fiber optic cables and breakout solutions that run 12 fibers through one cable to save space, simplify connections and reduce cleaning and mating times. For internal or external rack-to-rack and rack-to-equipment installations, the Camplex MTP Elite 12 fiber cable line includes MTP Elite connectors and is available in multi-mode and single mode configurations. The 12 fiber breakout cables come with LC or ST connectors. The Camplex OpticalCON MTP 12 fiber cable line featuring Neutrik optical CON MTP connectors are designed for outdoor field deployment and are offered with or without cable reels in X-TREME or standard tactical versions. Complex says the flexible polyurethane tactical cables are crush and impact resistant and withstand temperature extremes.

The MTP fiber optic solutions are here.