Camplex Shows Mini Fiber Optic Camera Cables

camplex-gepco-1115Camplex just debuted its flexible Gepco mini fiber optic SMPTE camera cables with LEMO FUW/PUW connectors deployed on a rugged reel. The cable assemblies are designed for mobile truck and camera connections where smaller cables are required due to weight and space limitations, and are durable for long distances in outdoor environments when combined with the new Camplex JackReel cable reel.

The mini 7.8 mm SMPTE 311 cable assemblies feature bend insensitive fiber to reduce optical loss during handling which makes them a practical solution for use behind racks and in trucks where space is limited. The Kevlar strength member has the same pull strength as steel and is lighter and more flexible resulting in cables that lay flat and are easy to deploy.

The high capacity reel features an adjustable cam-lock drag brake for fast cable roll out and large, heavy-duty locking caster wheels. The main cable drum is engineered to protect the bend radius of fiber optic cables. A drum divider plate separates connectors and fan-outs from the main cable run during storage.

You can see them here.