Calibration is Back

I’ve been told that given the cost and time involved in careful commercial display calibration, there was a lull in integrators offering calibration services for the bulk of display installs. With the increasing popularity of video walls over large projectors the market pressure for calibration services is on the rise.

calibrationWhen displays are that close, any deviation in brightness or color stands out like yellow snow. There are many companies offering products for this purpose, but I’ve been particularly impressed by  the folks over at Zigen and the AV Professional Alliance and the CalMAN5 software and sensors they used.

It takes So much of the pain out of the process, and walks you through the screens sequentially and keeps track of where you are on the matrix of displays you’re working on.

I’m happy about the trend back towards careful calibration and attention to color and detail on displays – especially now there’s a solid business rationale for the practice.