The Cable Diaries: An Update – Four Months Later


*Note: this blog post solely reflects the opinions of me and me alone and it does not necessarily reflect the opinions of my co-workers or rAVe [Publications]. This post is not sponsored by DirecTV and it’s certainly not sponsored by TWC. Neither DirecTV or TWC even know who I am. So, I just want to make that clear right off the bat.

So, I have an update for you.

Where I last left you off, I let everyone know that we had cancelled cable. We said GOODBYE, GOOD RIDDANCE, ADIOS to Time Warner Cable. And it felt SO GOOD.

Seriously. The day I stepped foot inside that Time Warner Cable office and handed in our cable box was one of the happiest days of my life. Only third to my wedding day and the day our daughter was born… Joking. But kind of not.

My husband and I went without cable for two full months. And it truly was glorious. Honestly, I didn’t even miss it. We watched shows on the Apple TV. I started reading again. We went for walks. And we didn’t have the headache or the ridiculous bill of Time Warner Cable. (Now, if we could get rid of TWC internet, that would be REALLY swell, but sadly we are stuck with that. That’s neither here nor there).

But, suddenly, football season arrived.

And John and I realized we missed football.

Now, Gary Kayye (you know, my boss and the guy that owns this thing called rAVe) had always talked up DirecTV, but John and I were hesitant.

I had satellite TV back in the day and the coverage and service was always spotty and it was awful when it stormed and it was, well, expensive.

Well, it just so happened we had received a coupon in the mail for $100 off our first year of service with DirecTV and they included NFL Sunday Ticket for the first year.

Now, as an avid and devoted Cleveland Browns fan, that was very appealing to me as I never ever ever get to see the Browns play on TV.

So, I called DirecTV just to inquire, talk about packages, and get some questions answered.

The customer service was immediately SUPERB. They were so helpful, answered all my questions, and really made me feel comfortable in taking the plunge. They even said that if we were not satisfied with the coverage or service we could cancel our contract, no questions asked, within 90 days.

That night my husband and I talked it over and we decided… well, why not? Let’s do it.

So, we opted to give DirecTV a try.

And oh boy oh boy oh boy do we LOVE IT.

NFL Sunday Ticket is awesome! The coverage is awesome! The channels are awesome! The DirecTV genie whole home DVR is awesome! The service is awesome! The Blacklist (a new show on NBC) is wicked awesome and we would never have been able to see it!

And to top it off? We still pay $40 LESS than we did with Time Warner Cable.

So, we have satellite TV and internet and pay $40 less than we ever did with TWC and our service isn’t awful.

While I feel a little guilty giving up on the no cable thing after only two months, my husband and I definitely don’t regret our decision to make the switch to DirecTV.

DirecTV is way better than having no cable.

But having NO CABLE was way better than having TWC.


So, that’s where we stand for now.

What about you? Have you cut the cable cord? Any other DirecTV lovers out there?