Cabasse Debuts Ambrose 3

AMBROSE3 woText 0310

Cabasse has always had some of the best looking AMBROSE3_woText-0310loudspeakers on the market and the new Ambrose 3 is no exception.  The $3050 Ambrose 3 series is a Left/Center/Right 8-Ohm loudspeaker designed for on-wall, bookshelf or on-stand use. The layout, with the 2-way 5.12″ coaxial midrange-tweeter unit situated between 7″ woofers, combined with the slim design of the cabinet and sealed enclosure, enable its use either horizontally or vertically with, according to Cabasse, with the same results.

Weighing in at 33-pounds, the Ambrose 3 dimensions are 31.5″ tall x 8.3″ wide x 7.5″ deep. It’s available in Golden Cherry wood finish, Santos wood finish, and Gloss black and the cabinets have non-parallel side panels to remove standing waves, and variable thickness cabinet panels for rigidity and neutrality. It’s being distributed through StJohn Group in the US.

If you want complete specs, read this PDF: