Cabasse Announces Integration Series Speakers

INTEGRATION Series wText 0111

INTEGRATION_Series_wText-0111Cabasse launched five new custom integration loudspeakers ranging in price from $1,490/pair to $500/pair – all in-wall round and rectangular designs. Every speaker in the range features a profile that Cabasse says “virtually disappears” when installed, thanks to its ultra-thin grille with magnetic link fastening that measures a scant 0.2 inches deep, making them arguably one of the smallest profiles on the market today – sans SpeakerCraft.

The top-of-the-line Minorca is fitted with the co-axial midrange-tweeter BC10 and a new Duocell-based, 17-centimeter woofer and retails for $1490 a pair. The Antigua IW 2011 is completely re-worked for 2011 and the new model features the new 17T20 IW with minimized depth woofer and DOM36 midrange-tweeter, from the MT range of loudspeakers – retail price per pair: $790. The full-range Archipel ICD features a high-end co-axial unit with a Duocell membrane for the woofer and Kaladex semi-rigid dome pivoting tweeter, a combination of Cabasse proprietary solutions, responsible for the success of the iO2 satellite speaker – retail price per pair: $750. The Archipel ICP features a pivoting tweeter and is $500 per pair. Finally, the Archipel ICPS is a stereo speaker with two tweeters on a rotating mount and a dual voice coil woofer and is only $460 a pair.

You can see all the specs here [PDF]: