C2G Now Offering ‘HDMI-over-IP in 4K Resolution’

c2g hdmi over ip 4k

C2G has what the company is calling “HDMI-over-IP in 4K resolutions” (H.264 & H.2650 to stream video and audio over the network using a new extender system featuring a decoder, encoder and network controller). Aimed at retail, corporate, security and education environments, the extender system provides integrators with multiple HDMI over network configurations, ensuring the flexibility to support a digital signage system, a video wall and point-to-point extension, including multiview capabilities.

C2G’s HDMI over IP Encoder and Decoder allows HDMI audio/video signals to be extended at up to 4K resolution via a Cat6 or Cat6a cable. They support multiple configurations and have the ability to provide scalable audio/video matrix switching to over 600 devices. The low bandwidth requirements of this device combination allow for audio/video content to be streamed over a local network for distributed installations. The encoder accepts 4K video @ 30Hz and streams the content to any H.264/H.265 decoder to be displayed on a 4K monitor. The encoder may also send H.264/H.265 video streams to other H.264/H.265 compatible decoder devices. The C2G HDMI over IP Decoder can upscale lower resolution video signals up to 4K @ 60Hz to be displayed on a 4K monitor. The decoder also accepts H.264/H.265 video streams from other transmitting devices of up to 4K @ 60Hz. Both devices support PoE and may be powered by a PoE Ethernet switch.

The C2G Network Controller for HDMI over IP is a Linux-based PC that allows users to control HDMI over IP products, supporting video wall and multiview connectivity. It can be managed via a web interface or the C2G AVoIP control smartphone and tablet app. When installed on a local area network (LAN), it scans the LAN for connected C2G HDMI over IP products, allowing the user to auto-discover, configure, manage connectivity, and support firmware upgrades for the AV over IP devices through the web interface. An Application Program Interface (API) is available for supporting several third-party partner control applications running on smartphones and tablets.

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Here are the details: https://www.legrandav.com/search#q=HDMI%20over%20IP&sort=relevancy&numberOfResults=20&f:Brand=%5BC2G%5D&f:SignalType=%5BHDMI%5D