Barco Residential Introduces New Medea 4K Projector With HDR10 Support


Barco Residential’s new Medea projector is a native 4K (3840×2160) resolution projector that designed as an entry-level projector for home cinema that includes HDR10 support. The outstanding image quality is powered by a new optical engine and laser light source, providing significantly improved image uniformity, nearly instant on/off, and a light source life of up to 40,000 hours […]

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Savant Debuts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Touch-Screen Thermostat


Savant has announced today the introduction of the Savant Multi-STAT, a touch screen multipurpose thermostat as part of the Savant Climate solution. The Savant Multi-STAT claims to be a completely new approach to the residential thermostat, elegantly and discreetly placing control and automation functionality alongside climate settings in easy reach throughout the home. The Multi-STAT provides homeowners with convenient […]

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Panamax Adds Local IP Control to BlueBOLT at CEDIA 2017


Panamax today announced the introduction of the BlueBOLT-CV2, a new interface enabling energy management features of Panamax PRO products to be managed from the local network without requiring a cloud connection. Integrators can monitor their clients’ power as well as set up a number of notifications alerting them of network and or power anomalies. Scheduled events and auto-reboot functions […]

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