C SEED Releases the First Foldable Large-Format LED-Based TV

cseed The C SEED M1 is literally the first foldable large-format LED-based TV. At 165”, it uses microLED technology (think Sony’s Crystal LED and Samsung’s Wall) and it’s in a sculpture-like column that rises from the floor, unfolding a 165-inch 4K (3840×2160 resolution) TV made out of aviation-grade aluminum alloy.

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A special screen surface treatment displays the black and it’s integrated with HDR Plus (High Dynamic Range) as well as something the company is calling “Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology” (AGC) that does seem to render the seams between the display “wings” invisible. Folding high-resolution microLED screens are tough to pull off but, they did. C SEED leads this market with the patented AGC design that is an automatic distance measuring and calibration system that uses high-resolution sensors to detect potential offsets between the folding TV wings, measuring fractions of millimeters and autonomously calibrating the corresponding LEDs’ specific brightness to render gaps invisible.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Designer Stefan Pani created the frame design with an integrated high-performance speaker system that rises from the ground with the TV, unfolds and then settles on a base. The M1 continues the C SEED legacy that started with the C SEED 201 TV by Porsche Design Studio. The C SEED M1 is available in four colors and a choice of casings to match all space requirements and settings.