BTX Launches DS Kit

BTX Technologies just launched a new product aimed at the DS market called the MediaMessenger Digital Signage Kit. The company says it includes everything needed to set up a digital signage system quickly in one package. Offered in three different versions — Gold, Silver, and Bronze — each level includes Net Display Systems’ (NDS) PADS4 digital signage viewer software, a BTX MediaMessenger Media Player, a commercial-grade Philips flat-panel display, flat-panel wall mount and HDMI cables.

The PADS4 software is designed to integrate real-time data from sources including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, content management systems, room reservation systems, queue management and social media. Interactivity can also be incorporated into signage systems using touchscreens, RFID, barcodes, QR codes and face recognition.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze Suites are all available with 32-inch, 42-inch or 55-inch displays, with the Silver and Gold Suites also offering 42-inch touchscreen displays. The Bronze Suite supports basic content including text and images. For more sophisticated presentations, the Silver Suite adds support for video and sound, web, interactivity, Flash and more. For the ultimate in multimedia, the Gold Suite is bolstered with support for presentation-in-presentation, television, charts, tables, PDFs and RS-232. To ensure proper set-up, the Silver and Gold Suites both include one hour of integrator training. An additional two hours of technical support from BTX’s expert staff is included with the Gold Suite.