BSS Audio Introduces BLU-103 Teleconferencing Signal Processor with VoIP

bssaudio-blu103-0215HARMAN’s BSS Audio today announced the introduction of its Soundweb London BLU-103 teleconferencing signal processor with VoIP (Voice over IP). The BLU-103 offers extensive signal routing and processing capabilities, including eight analog inputs and eight analog outputs, a Voice over IP (VoIP) interface, AEC (Automatic Echo Cancellation), BLU link, Ethernet connectivity, and many additional advanced features. The BLU-103 interfaces directly with digital phone systems and can facilitate two simultaneous VoIP calls.

The BLU-103 features signal processing capabilities that they claim maximizes voice intelligibility. It provides AEC processing with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and noise cancellation for up to eight independent AEC algorithms. AEC is used to eliminate the echo that can be heard when someone’s voice comes out of a speaker, is picked up by a microphone and is fed back into the system. AEC can be applied to signals coming from the local analog inputs or from the BLU link. Eight individual AEC references allow the user to apply AEC for multiple conferencing spaces using a single BLU-103.

The Automatic Gain Control ensures that microphone levels are optimum and the Noise Cancellation removes unwanted steady-state noise such as fan or air conditioning noise from the signal path. The analog inputs each have software-configurable gain in 6dB steps up to +48dB per channel as well as selectable phantom power.

BLU link, a low-latency, fault-tolerant digital audio bus, uses standard Cat 5e cable and can accommodate more than 300 feet of cable distance between compatible devices. If desired, fiber optic converters can be used to increase the distance to approximately 20 miles. The BLU-103 is compatible with the entire BSS Audio Soundweb London product line and can be operated using HARMAN’s HiQnet Audio Architect system design and configuration software.

12 Control inputs and six Logic outputs allow the BLU-103 to be integrated with GPIO (General-Purpose Input/Output)-compatible devices. Among its additional features, the BLU-103’s front-panel LED indicators provide signal present, clip and phantom power information without the need to connect a computer, and its bi-directional locate functionality allows devices to be identified both from and within HiQnet Audio Architect.

Here are all the detailed specs.