Brompton’s New TrueLight Technology Improves Limited Spectral Output From RGB Panels

brompton truelight technology

Brompton just launched TrueLight technology. TrueLight allows LED panels to provide improvement and control to the limited spectral output from RGB panels that can create unnatural skin tones.

Panels with additional emitters can make a “substantial difference in situations where LED panels are contributing to lighting a scene,” such as within a virtual production volume. Brompton says the challenge of using RGB panels in these types of situations is that, while they are great for the direct view, their spectral output is very different from normal lighting sources, so skin tones, in particular, can look unnatural and some colors are shifted.

Brompton says TrueLight is the answer. It builds upon its unique Dynamic Calibration technology to enable RGBW panels to be fully per-pixel color-calibrated and ensure that color accuracy can be maintained at all times. It gives the user full control of how the RGB to RGBW conversion is achieved through an intuitive user interface, so you can quickly get the right result for your particular application.

The outcome is a significant leap in color-rendering accuracy — especially noticeable in skin tones.