Brompton Technology Releases Tessera G1 Receiver Card with 10Gb Fibre Connection Support at ISE 2023

Tessara G1Brompton Technology has just announced the release of a new receiver card, the Tessera G1, with support for 10Gb fibre connections direct to the panel. It is also capable of supporting a staggering one million pixel capacity for a new generation of ultra-fine pixel pitch panels, or up to 1,000 fps. All this is made possible by a 20x increase in computing power compared to the existing top performer, the Tessera R2+ receiver card.

Brompton is working to integrate the new receiver card as the driving force behind the next generation of LED screens. Cesar Caceres, Product Lead at Brompton, notes that the benefits are not only about the substantial increase in pixels that can be processed thanks to the new card but that it will also facilitate the integration of additional calibrated channels, which Brompton defines as RGBW, Red, Green Blue and Whatever.

When it comes to in-camera visual effects, LED panels often contribute to lighting the scene, so having additional light emitters in the LED panel represents a significant leap in color-rendering accuracy on skin tones and foreground elements blending with virtual environments. “In the future, if you want a panel that features an extra emitter or one that boasts an ultra-fine pixel pitch, the G1 receiver card will be the ideal solution,” said Caceres.

Another feature of the G1 receiver card is its capability to support a 10 gigabit connection, thus providing tenfold the bandwidth of the current R2+ card and positioning the G1 as a ‘future-proof’ solution.