Broadsign OOH Marketing Platform Now Deployed as Part of OUTFRONT OOH Network

broadsign outfront

OUTFRONT Media Inc. and Broadsign today announced that they’ve teamed up to deploy Broadsign’s out-of-home (OOH) marketing platform as part of OUTFRONT’s OOH network. As the Broadsign Direct inventory and sales management system and Control content management system (CMS) are onboarded for OUTFRONT’s in-car displays, the company will be able to streamline media sales and operations across this inventory while also improving the media buyer experience.

Simplifying operations on the back end, the new deployment will make tasks previously only possible in an OUTFRONT office accessible remotely. The open-ended nature of Broadsign’s solution also sets the stage for OUTFRONT to advance workflow automation across sales and operations, as well as improve proof of performance reporting.

“Broadsign’s approach to scheduling, robust sales toolset, and proven track record of supporting large-scale deployments made it an ideal fit to help us transform our offering. It will give us a huge amount of out-of-the box functionality and allow us to spend less time on the minutia and focus on improving both the customer and audience experience,” shared Lowell Simpson, EVP chief information officer, OUTFRONT Media.

“A longtime innovator in DOOH, OUTFRONT is propelling OOH advertising into the future with a burgeoning network that supports dynamic creative in top localities around the U.S. We’re excited to be a part of that journey and can’t wait to see how their OOH offering evolves as they unlock new possibilities with Broadsign,” shared Maarten Dollevoet, chief revenue officer, Broadsign.

Using Broadsign, here’s how it works: