BroadSign Launches Significant Update in Core v. 11.1

broadsign-0916You can economically extend the useful life of your existing BroadSign deployments or lower the cost of future hardware purchases. New features of the Core v11.1 Update include:

Enhanced Playback:

  • Chromium and HTML5 Support: BroadSign Core v11.1.0 supports Chromium v51 and HTML5 content. Use transitions in HTML displays. If HTML errors occur, BroadSign Player automatically skips them, preserving the integrity of your display.
  • Multi-core Video Decoding: BroadSign Player automatically detects and uses as many cores as available on your hardware, ensuring a smoother playback for all video content.
  • GPU Hardware Acceleration: On supported platforms, BroadSign Player uses the VA-API 1.7.0 framework on Linux or DXVA2 on Windows to offload the video decoding activities to the GPU. You will experience improved playback of high-definition content on hardware with lower specs.

Geotargeting: Take advantage of location and relevancy by automatically playing ads on a taxi screen or bus display as it passes points of interest. Catch your audience’s attention and make brands top of mind with advertising generated at the perfect moment.

Their geotargeting feature enables users to target moving screens to a geographical area. When screens move into the targeted area, geo-conditional content is triggered.

WebSocket Support: Developers using their Player API can now use the WebSocket protocol and script with JSON.

Recording Requests to File: Record all requests made to BroadSign Server from BroadSign Administrator to debug your applications and refine how you use our API methods.

Ad Copy Commands: Using BroadSign Player’s trigger commands – or any binary – you can set up ad copies to trigger other actions. For example, set the lights to dim when an ad copy begins and play a music track a few moments before the ad copy ends.

Ubuntu 64-bit Support: Ubuntu Linux users running a 64-bit operating system can use BroadSign Core to handle heavy work, as well as decode video and audio at a significantly faster rate.

And a few other add-ons:

  • Android Support: Developers integrating with our Player API can use both the remote_action and triggers features in the Android operating system (in addition to Windows and Ubuntu Linux).
  • New API Methods: Developers integrating with BroadSign API can use scoping extensively to limit what users see and access.
  • Service Panel and Field Report: The field report now includes the bit-version of the operating system on which a player or an edge server runs, the Chromium version and OpenGL version.

Here are the details.