Broadsign goes programmatic on Harmon Corner with digital out-of-home campaign

Las Vegas, Nevada. March 26, 2018 – Broadsign, the leading digital out-of home marketing platform, has launched a new digital out-of-home campaign, bought, sold and delivered through automated programmatic bidding.

Through an integration with the Broadsign Reach SSP, the campaign is running on Branded City’s iconic Harmon Corner screen. The campaign was booked through the OutMoove DSP specialized in digital out-of-home. To accommodate the large, 18,600 square feet screen, Broadsign worked with digital out-of-home content specialists, Voodooh, to create videos for the campaign.

“While we’ve been involved with programmatic digital out-of-home for a little while now, it was exciting to really be part of the action this time,” said Vince Banks, VP of programmatic sales operations. “Having experienced the transaction from both the buy and the sell side now, we’re even more confident of the strong future programmatic has in the digital out-of-home industry.”

For more information on the campaign, visit DSE booth 1731 to talk to the Broadsign team.