Broadcast Pix Launches Integrated Production Solution, MX Hybrid

Broadcast Pix MX Hybrid Broadcast Pix launched its latest Integrated Production Solution, MX Hybrid. According to the company, the infrastructure supporting live productions is gradually changing from primarily SDI Video to IP networks, as more computer-generated content, IP cameras and other NDI or IP sources become commonplace. The MX Hybrid is meant to help integrate a mix of SDI, HDMI and IP video sources.

The MX Hybrid features:

  • 8 Network/IP + 3 SDI (HD/4K) + 1 HDMI/SDI/Analog inputs
  • 4 (2 SDI + 2 NDI) Program and Aux assignable outputs
  • 6 Keyers with DVEs and chromakey
  • Remote “Browser-Based” and “Easy-To-Operate” user interfaces
  • GuestPix remote guest integration
  • Integrated chat and intercom
  • Enhanced macros to automate repetitive tasks and ensure consistency of production
  • Built-in streaming, recording and audio mixing
  • Hardware that fully supports 1080p/60 and 4K

The MX Hybrid is now available to order for $19,995 U.S. MSRP and will begin shipping in late 2021.