Broadata Announces New Integrated Control Processor (ICP) Collaboration Product with Amazon Alexa for Business

Broadata Communications announced today that it’s shipping its Integrated Control Processor (ICP), now compatible with the Amazon Echo for conference room voice-control.

Late in 2017, Amazon Web Services released Alexa for Business, opening the door to extend voice-controlled assistance beyond home-automation and into the workplace. Broadata immediately answered the call by developing the new ICP for voice-activated control of audio and video conference room systems and services.

In the past, setting up a conference room for an in-person meeting, conference call or video screen share was sometimes complex for a seemingly simple task. The user running the meeting could get distracted using the technology and often needed technical support to get everything up and running. This wasted time and used expensive and cumbersome technology that needed constant hardware and software updates and personnel training to stay current.

Today, customers are looking for simplicity with power. Some will want to use a touch panel and some will want to use voice. But across the board, customers want technology that is convenient to use, less complicated and needs less interaction. A system that can be easily configured to work within the requirements of a space, so that there isn’t technology overkill or underwhelming features.

Broadata introduced its ICP line as the first single room collaboration system that provides every possible option needed in a conference environment in one single solution. It is built for integrators, so they have all the tools needed for their customers, including small to large room scalability, standards-built network connectivity, a variety of control automation I/Os and control port flexibility. Integrators learn the new equipment once and both engineers and the sales team can design and sell the same system repeatedly.

Broadata is here.