Brilliant and ButterflyMX Partner on Apartment Systems

At the CEDIA Expo today, Brilliant announced integration with ButterflyMX, which makes a smart intercom. In late 2019, Brilliant and ButterflyMX will launch the world’s first integrated smart apartment system that provides seamless property access control and in-unit smart home control. Residents will be able to see, speak with and grant building access to visitors and guests via the integration between the ButterflyMX Smart Intercom and the Brilliant Smart Home Control. Residents and their guests will also be able to easily control lighting, music, cameras, locks, climate and other smart home experiences via an in-wall touch screen panel with built-in voice and motion control.

Integration features:

  • Never miss a visitor or delivery: Brilliant and ButterflyMX help ensure that residents never miss a visitor, service provider or package delivery ever again. In addition to receiving a mobile app notification when someone is trying to reach a resident through a ButterflyMX smart intercom system, residents will also receive a notification on every Brilliant Control installed in their apartment. They will be able to see who’s at the door, grant building access directly from any Brilliant Control, and unlock an apartment equipped with a compatible smart lock, even if their mobile device is charging, has its ringer turned off or is in another room.
  • Apartment monitoring: Residents can now monitor what happens in their apartment after a visitor or delivery/service provider is granted access. Every Brilliant Control includes a built-in camera and offers the ability to watch a Live View camera feed on a user’s mobile phone. Live View also offers the ability to speak and communicate through any Brilliant Control from a user’s phone.
  • Seamless smart home control and lifestyle: Brilliant makes it easy for residents and their guests to control all available smart home products and experiences from any Brilliant Control using touch, voice or motion control. This includes lighting, music, doorbells, cameras, locks, thermostats, intercom and more. Brilliant also puts Alexa voice control in the walls of the apartment and offers an all-in-one mobile app for iOs and Android. Residents can easily add Brilliant-compatible smart home products from top brands like Sonos, Ring, Schlage, Honeywell Home, Philips Hue, LIFX, August, Ecobee, SmartThings, Wemo and more.
  • Developer and operator friendly: Installing a Brilliant and ButterflyMX system is affordable and easy and also provides rapid ROI to multifamily developers and operators. The hardware from ButterflyMX and Brilliant can be easily installed in new and existing buildings. Brilliant Controls install in minutes in the place of any standard light switch.

Brilliant is here and ButterflyMX is here.