BrightSign’s Two New Solutions Aim to Help Retailers Meet Post-COVID, No-Touch Standards

brightsign brightlink brightmenu

BrightSign released new products Thursday: BrightLink and BrightMenu. According to BrightSign, the solutions will help businesses operate in the face of new health regulations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

BrightLink is a new touchless solution — it enables users to scan a QR code and remotely control a display via their mobile phones, eliminating the need for physical contact with digital signage. BrightMenu uses similar BrightSign technology but delivers a one-way experience: Patrons scan a QR code and receive a restaurant’s menu on their mobile device (no internet connection, no app to download and no printed menus).

The BrightLink solution announced today addresses many of the sectors hit hardest by COVID-19 — retailers in particular, but also higher education, museums, amusement parks and other settings where touch screens were previously in use. As a phased reopening of the economy takes shape, customers will bring a heightened awareness of safe hygiene, gravitating to proprietors that take steps to curtail pathogen spread in their places of business.

In recent years, many retailers have invested heavily in interactive signage that customers will now be reluctant to touch. The custom interface of BrightLink lets customers access detailed product information, discount coupons, wayfinders and product demonstrations — without an app or internet connection. Also, once a customer connects with the display, the retailer can invite them to the store’s loyalty program or complete a sale via the retailer’s mobile e-commerce platform.

Restaurants face their own set of challenges as they resume dine-in operations. According to BrightSign, BrightMenu aims to be an alternative to communal menu usage or single-use printed menus. With the same QR-code technology, restauranteurs can use BrightMenu to promote daily specials and invite patrons to join the restaurant’s frequent diner program, all from within the menu interface on the customer’s phone. This solution also does not require an internet connection, a digital display or an existing website menu.