BrightSign XD Players Now Do 4K and IP Streaming

BrightSign this week announced new software and firmware for its BrightSign XD line of solid-state players that adds the ability to upscale 1080p video content to 4K, enhanced IP streaming and some very useful HTML5 support features. The software release, BrightAuthor 3.7, and its companion 4.7 firmware, are available to all existing and future users for free.

brightsign-xd-1113The BrightSign XD’s capability of playing content at 4K resolution means display manufacturers can demonstrate the same 1080p content on an HD display and a 4K display side-by-side to clearly showcase the superior picture quality of the new 4K screens. Content developers can also now leverage the 4K resolution format for digital signage applications. Also, the BrightSign XD now supports HD video streaming including HLS, SHOUTcast, video streaming in HTML, as well as playback from head-end real-time encoders such as Haivision, Exterity, Visionary Solutions and other devices that provide UDP/RTP/RTSP streaming. In addition, the XD players can now act as IP streaming servers for customers who want to stream locally stored content files.

The software update allows users to identify user variables in other databases and pull them into HTML. Using features and settings within BrightSign’s web server and on-device database of BrightAuthor user variables, users can display database data in HTML5 within a presentation. For example, the model number of a TV display entered as a user variable can pull all the information about that display into the signage presentation.

Here are all the specs of the update.