BrightSign Unveils New Media Connection Solution


BrightSign unveiled BrightSign Mobile Wednesday, a new solution to connect media players to the cloud where traditional methods of network connectivity are difficult to achieve. The solution is available as an accessory to BrightSign players that includes a low-profile USB modem with an installed SIM card. Customers have a choice of data plans which are custom-designed for digital signage and exclusive to BrightSign.

BrightSign Mobile is compatible with all BrightSign Series 3 and 4 media players with a USB port, as well as the BrightSign AU335. The solution provides plug & play modem setup with full support on and BrightAuthor: connected and integrated partner CMS solutions.

Getting started is as simple as purchasing a BrightSign USB modem and selecting a data plan via the BrightSign Mobile portal. Once connected, users enjoy 4G connectivity performance throughout the United States wherever cell signals are present.


  • Reliable player connectivity where access is a challenge.
  • 4G performance with two Tier 1 carriers across the USA.
  • Low-profile USB modem and mobile data service plan supported by BrightSign.
  • Three low-cost, six-month plans with low minimum data requirements designed for signage.
  • Month-to-month services and fixed data prices for both overages and scheduled content updates.
  • Plug-and-play modem setup with full support on, BrightAuthor: connected and integrated partner CMS solutions.