BrightSign Digital Signage Media Players Now Support Foot-Traffic Analytics from

BrightSign today announced that BlueFox has integrated its real-time mobile phone sensing technology into BrightSign’s digital signage media players.

BlueFox pioneered the use of mobile phone signals to measure foot traffic, and the integration announced today adds that capability to any Wi-Fi enabled BrightSign player, making it possible to measure and optimize the ROI of digital signage solutions. BlueFox technology enables BrightSign media players to detect nearby mobile phones without the need for special apps, login or beacon. BlueFox’s patented technology does not provide any identifiable personal information and is compliant with privacy regulations across the globe, such as the European GDPR.

The solution is designed for digital-out-of-home advertising, retail and other digital signage applications where measuring and understanding customer foot traffic is important. Quantifying foot traffic is just the beginning. Retailers can further examine the data to track advertising effectiveness by measuring traffic at key locations, monitor queue time and alert staff and optimize the path to purchase. All of this is made possible by BlueFox’s smartphone signal detection technology which, unlike competitive offerings, detects customers’ phones even when Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities are disabled.

Pricing for BlueFox for BrightSign starts at just $98 per unit annually.