BrightSign Collaborates With Bluefin International for Video Wall Solution

brightsign bluefin video wall screens

BrightSign announced its collaboration with Bluefin International, Inc. to deliver a pair of new video wall solutions with integrated digital signage capabilities. The BrightSign Built-In Multi-Screen Displays come in two configurations — a 13.3-inch 3×1 display, and a 15.6-inch 3×1 display.

Each of the new Bluefin solutions comes in a 3×1 configuration. The 13.3-inch displays are stacked vertically to create a narrow column that can be installed in either landscape or portrait orientation, while the 15.6-inch displays are stacked laterally for an aspect ratio similar to a traditional display in landscape orientation. Both solutions are powered by a single HS144 module, BrightSign’s Built-In SoC Series 4 media player that supports 4Kp60 video and features a low-profile form factor for easy integration into OEM commercial products.

BrightSign’s HS144 module has the capability to power all three displays with 1080p content, maximizing resolution to create screen layouts. BrightSign makes it possible to synchronize playback across all three displays, with the ability to create zones within each display to maximize the variety of content that can be displayed simultaneously.