BrightSign Announces New Tagging Capabilities within BrightSign Network

tagging-playlist-0816BrightSign today unveiled new tagging capabilities for BrightSign Network – the company’s cloud-based digital signage network management service. These tagging features will be especially useful for customers with expansive digital signage networks, and also for marketing firms that manage digital signage networks for many customers. These new functionalities are available now as part of the latest BrightSign Network v4.3.

BrightSign Network is an affordable, secure, PCI-compliant service that delivers the complete infrastructure to serve, manage and support a customer’s digital signage network, freeing them from the complexities of hosting and maintaining the network on their own. BrightSign Network is user-accessible via BrightAuthor, a free PC software application, and the BrightSign Network Web UI, accessible from any browser.

The new tagging feature set available on BrightSign Network v4.3 includes the following functionalities:

  • Media Tagging: tag video, image or audio files with unique designations such as holidays, individual departments within a large facility, or sales pertaining to a specific day of the week.
  • Tagged Playlists: build a playlist using tag rules to add content based on media tags.
  • Player Tagging: use a “match player tags” setting to achieve a secondary level of content filtering for highly targeted content delivery to specified groups of players.
  • Matching Tags: the ability to match media and player tags to enable playback of a subset of content from a single tagged playlist.

Until now, tagging as described above required custom development work. With BrightSign Network v4.3, these new tagging capabilities are easy to implement and maintain, bringing powerful content management capabilities to digital signage networks. For more information about BrightSign Network, go here. For more information about BrightSign’s complete portfolio of digital signage solutions, go here.