BrightSign Announces Bright Alliance Support System for CMS Partners

brigtsign bright alliance

BrightSign announced Bright Alliance, a support system designed to enhance technical, sales and marketing efforts for CMS partners. The company says Bright Alliance provides CMS partners with structured resources, including marketing, training and technical assistance to promote, sell, implement, integrate and support the latest BrightSign products. Bright Alliance will roll out in Q1.

This is all the information and details we have on the program at publication. But, it appears this could include better support for its global network of integrators and a beefed-up CMS to compete better with what Samsung just launched and SpinetiX has had with ARYA.

In fact, with the release, there was no link to it on its website, not any branding. They included a photo of the player attached (the XC Series player). Expect this to be a big initiative driven by new CEO Steve Durkee.