Branding and Value: Are you Listening?

HOW rantsHow important is your brand name? Is your brand not merely well known, but well liked? In the House of Worship market, your brand is who the churches say you are. It is vital that you as manufacturers, systems integrators, consultants, rep firms, and dealers provide this unique vertical space with who you are, not just what you provide. If you’ve not yet, read “When the Brand Stands Behind You” to understand the importance of this for church clients, and “The End of Hype” to fully embrace the value proposition churches see in your organization.

This understanding is perhaps most notable when customer relations serve not only, well, customers, but also prospects. They’re listening to other churches about how well you stand behind your promises. Your value, not just your pricing, is what churches need to know about you. You can help a buyer arrive at a price by making the value the most important part of the conversation. Read “Self-Calculating R.O.I.” for more insight.

Finally, re-think how churches find out about your products and services. Chances are, your website is where a buyer’s first impression is made. The axiom “less is more” is explored when working with churches, where “Too Many Choices De-motivates Church Buyers.”

The House of Worship market is looking for what you offer. The question is, are you listening?