Bower & Wilkins Offers New Versions of 700 Series Standmounts and Loudspeakers

Bowers Wilkins new versions 705 Signature stand mount and 702 Signature floor standing loudspeakersBowers & Wilkins has launched two new versions of its 705 Signature standmount and 702 Signature floor-standing loudspeakers. Available in Midnight Blue Metallic paint, the 705 Signature and 702 Signature models feature the same drive unit design and crossover componentry as the existing Datuk Gloss-finished 700 Series Signature models.

Both Midnight Blue Metallic loudspeakers feature bypass capacitors sourced from Mundorf, larger heatsinks and (in the case of the 702) an upgraded LF capacitor on the bass section of the crossover. Both 700 Series Signature models feature Bowers & Wilkins Carbon Dome tweeter technology. The Carbon Dome is composed of two sections — the front portion is a 30-micron aluminum dome that has been stiffened by a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating of carbon, and the second section is a 300-micron carbon ring that has been profiled to match the form of the main dome. This is then bonded to the inner face of the structure.

The 705 Signature and 702 Signature are Tweeter-On-Top designs featuring Solid Body Tweeter technology. The new Signature models use the same shape milled from a solid mass of aluminum to provide a stiffer and less resonant structure. The models weigh over 1kg and benefit from the same decoupling mechanism and acoustically transparent grille design as the 800 Series Diamond. This design also allows the use of the mass of the tweeter body as a heatsink for the dome.

The Continuum cone’s design is based on the concept of optimized flexibility. This helps the cone to avoid the abrupt transition from pistonic to breakup mode behavior that drastically impairs the openness and neutrality of a conventional drive unit. Continuum is a woven composite that gives a controlled breakup for a more transparent and detailed midrange.

702 Signature is equipped with a dedicated midrange FST drive unit using an FEA-optimized aluminum chassis with a very stiff form, decoupled from the cabinet. It offers the addition of a tuned mass damper on the front face of the chassis to dampen any remaining resonance in the structure, resulting in a cleaner midrange presentation.