Bose Professional Announces PowerShareX Series Adaptable Power Amplifiers

Bose Professional

Bose Professional just announced the PowerShareX series of adaptable power amplifiers including the PSX1204D, PSX2404D and PSX4804D. These smart amplifiers are embedded with Dante digital audio, offer 1200, 2400 and 4800 watts of rated power across four channels and, building upon the success of the existing PowerShare amplifier range, the PowerShareX models bring even higher power levels and enhanced features, making them the perfect complement to Bose Professional loudspeaker systems.

PowerShareX amps easily integrate with Bose Professional DSPs, loudspeakers, and the entire ControlSpace ecosystem, ensuring design, configuration. Loudspeaker presets are factory-tested to optimize performance, allowing for quicker configuration; and ControlSpace Designer software provides visibility of the entire Bose Professional system from a single user interface for easy design, configuration, control and monitoring. All this means jobs are completed quicker, saving time and increasing productivity.

Each PowerShareX amplifier provides proven Powersoft technology ensuring every watt is utilized efficiently. PowerShareX distinct benefits ensure system designers have access to innovative power-sharing flexibility to dynamically allocate power evenly or asymmetrically across outputs; high peak power capability to deliver maximum output from all Bose Professional loudspeakers; and Dante connectivity to support up to four digital input channels and four analog inputs for line-level source connections — all within a space-saving 1RU design.

The new PowerShareX family of adaptable power amplifiers will be available Q3 of 2023 and are all here: