Bose Professional Expands DSP Offerings

Bose Professional broadens its ControlSpace sound processor line with six new DSP models and three attractive digital wall controllers. The new ControlSpace CSP-1248 and CSP-428 commercial sound processors offer right-sized I/O and simplified configuration for small-to-medium-scale projects. They are designed to serve as standalone DSPs in commercial applications such as retail stores and restaurants or any public place where modest processing, high-quality sound and facilitated installation are desired. They include balanced analog I/O, RCA inputs, eight GPIs, one GPO, a mute contact, RS232 serial, Ethernet network (for configuration or wall control) and Bose AmpLink out, for simplified digital audio connectivity to supported power amplifiers.

The new ControlSpace CSP models feature a quick-setup workflow using an integrated webserver with browser-based control software. Much like setting up a wireless router, installers use their PC (or Mac) and web browser to access the CSP configuration page. This real-time interface features live metering and is designed to augment the natural workflow of commercial projects with common tasks such as setting sources, paging thresholds, adjusting EQs and tuning limiters presented in an intuitive and logical manner. This approach reduces complexity by presenting common processing needs for repeatable commercial applications, minimizing design errors and ultimately reducing installation time — without extensive DSP training.

The new CSP models include the following Bose-proprietary algorithms, configurable using the control software, that bring predictable, reliable operation to commercial sound systems:

  • AutoVolume compensation continuously adapts zone output level based on the ambient noise of that room (when paired with the new Bose ANC sense microphone accessory) to maintain consistent program material.
  • SmartBass dynamic equalization enhances the low-frequency output of small loudspeakers.
  • Opti-voice paging provides a smooth transition between the music and page signals.
  • Opti-source level management monitors the input level of up to four sources. Source levels are continually adjusted to maintain a consistent volume level among different source.

In addition to the new ControlSpace CSP processor line, Bose has also rolled out an update to two popular ControlSpace ESP fixed-I/O engineered sound processors. New variants of the Bose ESP-1240 and ESP-880 models have been upgraded based on integrator feedback to include options for Dante audio networking and Bose AmpLink connectivity. The new variants — the ESP-1240A, 1240AD, 880A and 880AD — have a new appearance while maintaining key features from their predecessors.

New ESP-1240A and ESP-880A engineered sound processors have 12×4 and 8×8 analog I/O, respectively, with integrated Bose AmpLink output for digital connections over Cat5 to Bose AmpLink-equipped Bose amplifiers. The new ESP-1240AD and ESP-880AD versions have both AmpLink and 32×32 Dante onboard. All four ESP models use ControlSpace Designer software for configuration, control and monitoring, and support scalable networked audio systems.

To complement both the new ControlSpace CSP and ESP processors, Bose has also introduced three new user-friendly digital wall controllers: the CC-1D, CC-2D and CC-3D. Each model comes in white and is available in regional variants. They feature a single rotary encoder and circular LED ring. The CC-2D and CC-3D models allow the rotary encoder to be pushed for A/B or A/B/C/D source selection with LED source indicators on the panel. In addition to the new digital wall controllers, the new CSP and ESP processors are supported by ControlSpace Remote, where customized control panels can be built and deployed to end users for wireless control of their systems from mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

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