Bose Professional Updates Panaray 802 and 402 Loudspeakers as Series IV

bose-pro-1115Bose Professional announced updates to its Panaray 802 and Panaray 402 sound-reinforcement loudspeakers, as well as a name change to the Panaray “Series IV” models.

Introduced originally 25 years ago, the Panaray 802 and 402 loudspeakers achieved what Bose calls “an iconic status among A/V system integrators, design consultants and installers.” The Series IV models have been updated with new installation options that better suit indoor and outdoor installed applications.

All Bose Professional Panaray installed sound-reinforcement loudspeakers feature full-range driver arrays, eliminating the need for tweeters and crossovers, to provide unsurpassed reliability and natural vocal clarity.  Additionally, a Bose Articulated Array design — where drivers are set at precise angles to provide wide, even coverage — is claimed to reduce the number of loudspeakers required for many installations.

The Panaray 802 Series IV loudspeaker features a 120°V x 100°H Articulated Array design, while the 52 Hz low-frequency response can eliminate the need for subwoofers, providing a cost-effective solution for many indoor and outdoor installed sound-reinforcement applications.  The new Series IV model adds new side threaded inserts and optional accessory U-Bracket to make installations simple, fast, and cost effective. The Panaray 802 Series IV comes in a black finish, weighs 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) and measures 13.3″ x 20.5″ x 13.2″ (338 x 520 x 335 mm).

The smaller Panaray 402 Series IV indoor/outdoor installed sound-reinforcement loudspeaker features a 120°V x 60°H Bose Articulated Array design, while the 73 Hz low- frequency response covers the entire vocal range to provide an even further cost-effective installed sound-reinforcement solution. The new Series IV model adds new rear threaded inserts with industry-standard mounting to accommodate optional pan-and-tilt brackets to enhance installation flexibility. The Panaray 402 Series IV comes in black and white finishes, weighs 16 pounds (7.3 kilograms) and measures 23.3″ x 8.1″ x 8.0″ (592 x 206 x 202 mm) and weighs 16 lbs.

The Panaray 502A, Panaray MA12 and Panaray MA12EX, remain unchanged.

The Panaray 802 Series IV loudspeaker is available now, while the Panaray 402 Series IV is scheduled to be available in early 2016. More information is here.