The Bose L1 Model II Portable Line Array System Has Helped Take DJ Dojah to the Next Level

phpcPQaXoAMFramingham, Massachusetts, July 18, 2016 – DJ Dojah’s name might turn up as often in the Wall Street Journal or the Economist as it does on The DJ List or Salacious Sound. The self-described “soldier of sound, warrior of wax, sampler of the lost and found” got his musical footing in San Francisco and has managed to become a favorite of Silicon Valley’s nightlife. He’s worked exclusive private events for Cartier and gigs for celebs, from romance novelist Danielle Steel to the fashion-savvy Olsen Twins and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. And each show is performed using the L1 Model II portable line array system from Bose Professional.

“Celebrities and CEOs” is how DJ Dojah (aka Kevin Mohanna, who also answers to simply “Doj”) sees his audience, most of whom operate at the center of the high-tech universe. But despite their high profile and demanding tastes, many of them have marveled at the sound and the simplicity of the Bose L1 system. “It’s such a great-sounding system,” Doj says of his L1 Model II, one of several L1 systems he’s used since he was enthralled by an in-store Bose demo at the San Francisco Guitar Center store, back in 2006. “And it also looks great. I get comments on it all the time because it’s just so sleek, which really plays well out here, and especially at the really intimate events for fifty or so people, where it blends in seamlessly. And I also like it because I can load my entire sound system into any vehicle!”

The L1 system may be elegant and cool, but it’s also a workhorse. DJ Dojah says it plays for hours without strain and has plenty of headroom for moments like when Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong plugged into it to perform three acoustic songs at the Zuckerberg wedding reception. “The L1 is what gave me the confidence to take my music and performance to the next level,” Doj says. “With it, I had a great sound system that was totally reliable, incredibly portable, and really cool looking. I could play anywhere, from a corporate event to an all-night party. That’s where the L1 has taken me, so naturally, I take it everywhere with me.”