Bosch Adds New Modules and Functions to Dicentis Flush Product Range

bosch dicentis flush product range

Bosch has updated its Dicentis flush product range with new modules, functions and flexible connectivity options. An identification panel, ID card holder, voting panel, language selection panel, audio interface and handheld microphones enhance the product family. The latest additions to the flush-mounted version of the fully IP-based Dicentis Conference System claim to offer the same installation convenience, ease of operation and easy, cost-effective installation as the preceding modules.

Dicentis flush is “specifically designed for permanent installations where table space is limited.” It claims to offer the highest installation convenience with a sleek form factor that will complement any interior, making it ideal for both modern and historic conference locations. Finished in black, the modules can be installed into tabletops or armrests. Dicentis flush can be specified for applications in governmental, non-governmental or intergovernmental organizations alike, as well as for conference applications in commercial buildings or financial institutions.

A new flush voting panel incorporates standard parliamentary-style voting options featuring color-coded icons and touch buttons that only light up when the functionality is required. This prevents unnecessary distractions from the meeting, all while increasing usability.

The flush identification panel quickly identifies the meeting participant via the integrated card reader which accepts both near-field and contact identification. Based on identification, voting access for each participant can be controlled to ensure fraud prevention. By using the new ID card holder, the card is placed inside a clip holder, making logging on and off to meetings as easy as possible. Once the card is extracted out of the holder, the participant is automatically logged off the meeting. In conjunction with identification, the headphone language selection can be automated.

When limited table space prohibits the integration of a regular microphone and button module, or the speaker needs more space to move in an auditorium setup, flush handheld microphones can be installed. Thanks to the new flush audio interface, it is possible to connect flush handheld microphones and other custom-built solutions. It enables third party microphones to be connected to the Dicentis Base device and supports other types of audio inputs such as line input and balanced/unbalanced inputs. The flush audio interface also features 48 V phantom power allowing the use of condenser microphones.

The identification panel, ID card holder, voting panel and will be available in spring, the language selection panel, audio interface and handheld microphones in summer 2023.